Trip Delayed….

Well, we just got home from a long day at the hospital. While many people worry about the dangers of travelling,  accidents at home are actually much more common. We were preparing ourselves for the rough and challenging Cape Scott at the northern tip of Vancouver Island and the wave and wind pounded exposed western coast but what ended up being the most dangerous was a rotten inner-tube in a neighbour’s dolly cart.

Bryan was helping out a neighbour move a new fridge. First, he was inflating the tires on an old dolly with the air compressor. The wheel said it was good until 90 psi but not even at 50, the tire exploded. The metal rims struck both of his hands, cutting deep until white was exposed.

Luckily, we live only minutes drive from the local hospital and Bryan was on a bed in the emergency room within 10 minutes of the event. The nurses and doctor at Ladner Hosptial were wonderful, skilled and to be commended but it was still a very, very long and painful afternoon. Both of his hands needed stitches, a tendon was nicked in one hand and severed in the other. He also fractured bones in the hand with the severed tendon.

Needless to say, hand injuries do not bode well for kayaking. Bryan will be ok but it will take time to heal and plans to circumnavigate Vancouver Island by kayak are postponed. However, I’d like to emphasize that plans have been delayed rather than ended. We will probably still have a month or so at the end of summer and while it won’t be enough to go around the whole island, we will still be able to do an awesome trip… in practice for attempting to complete a circumnavigation next summer! The big bag of dehydrated chili will go into the deep freeze, where it will keep longer since there’s meat in it, and we will continue to dream of the blue.


12 thoughts on “Trip Delayed….”

  1. Dear Maggie and Bryan, SOOOOO very sorry to hear about this difficult, painful, and disappointing turn of events. We are grateful that it sounds like Bryan will completely heal, and that your plans only have to be postponed. Sending healing energy and lots of love, Sheila and Todd

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  2. Oh so sorry this has happened. Even though it sounds serious I’m glad Bryan will recover. I’m sure it is very painful but good thing there’s drugs for that. Keep me posted.


    Aunty Myrna

    Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail Emerson


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  3. Oh My-that is terrible news. Vancouver Island will be there waiting for you. May Bryan’s hands heal completely and quickly. Julie & Bill >

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  4. oh my god, i hope he’s doing alright. sorry to hear about the trip delay but i have no doubts you will make the most of your summer even with the setback

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    1. Hey Amanda, Thank you so much for your well wishes! Haha you nailed it! We are already thinking of alternative plans to explore Vancouver Island…maybe use this summer as scouting for the grand expedition next summer! Thanks again for your support and hope you have a wonderful weekend


  5. Omg, we are so sorry to hear of Bryan’s accident, and so thankful he will recover and you will be able to continue with your adventures. We enjoyed dining on halibut with you at Namu, and have since been armchair travelers thru your blog, and updates from Carole H. Happy trails, and calm seas to you. Gail and Doug, Mirage.


    1. Good morning Gail and Doug,

      It’s always great to hear from you and we tell your story often talking about the small world we live in today! Life happens and we’ll make the best out of it. Thank you so much for your well wishes and hope you have happy journeys ahead for yourselves and Mirage!


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