Our Vision for the Journey

This trip is about the journey of kayaking.

Circumnavigating Vancouver Island is the setting for our story of adventure and fun but it will be the journey that writes the story.

A focus on the journey rather than merely the destination
A focus on the journey rather than merely the destination

Our vision of this trip is one of exploration – the growth and development of our relationship as the two of us paddle off into the sunset, the ups and downs of facing challenges and unexpected joys and how we work through difficult times, the amazing places that we’ll experience, the majestic animals we’ll encounter, the wonderful people we’ll get to meet and the fascinating histories we’ll learn.

This kayaking journey is a celebration of Vancouver Island and adventure. We hope that this website will become a resource for future paddlers and travellers, both on short adventures and long, on Vancouver Island.

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How the BC coast inspires us

Bryan and I love to travel all around the world
but of all the places we have visited and dream of visiting,
beautiful British Colombia remains one of the most spectacular.

Kayaking on the BC coastline is gorgeous;
An infinite combination of rocks, water and trees that continues to dazzle and surprise.

Some photos from kayaking on the BC coast:


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Wild central coast of BC
Wild central coast of BC

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You make this possible! Thank you so very very much!
You make this possible! Thank you so very very much!

A summer of paddling 1100km around the island

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