Tilley Vancouver


Tilley-Logo-1During our past kayaking adventures, a Tilley hat has always been a part of Bryan’s gear. Like many other proud owners of Tilley hats, he told anyone and everyone who would listen about its amazing qualities:  a hat that is rugged yet lightweight, machine washable, wide brimmed for excellent sun protection, repels rain, has a secret pocket, floats and ties on in the wind (very valuable on a kayaking journey!). To make the hat even better, it is guaranteed for life (not the lifetime of the item as some companies get you but actually if it becomes worn, you just go in an exchange it for another one) and is insured against lost.

Tilley hats are the ultimate adventure and travel hat and a visit to their Vancouver store by Granville and Broadway shows that. Their store walls are covered with pictures of people with their Tilley hats travelling all over the world.

Bryan, a second-generation Tilley hat wearer (his dad is also a proud owner), has been an unofficial spokesperson for Tilley for years. We are extremely happy that on this expedition, it’s official. Now in addition to the world famous hats, we’re also going to get to try their fantastic adventure pants as well!

Thank you Tilley Vancouver!!





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